What are Bow Windows?

Bow Windows

Bow Windows, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Window Replacement, roofing, Gutters

What are Bow Windows?

Bow windows, also called compass windows, are curved bay windows. While bay windows include all windows that protrude from the structure, you know you are admiring a bow window when it both protrudes from the structure and is curved.  Bow windows are typically composed of four windows that come together to form an arch-like shape and invite abundant natural light inside. Sometimes they are difficult to tell apart from three-sided bay windows, but the latter don’t quite form that bow window elegant arch.Windows, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Window Replacement, roofing, Gutters

Bow windows impress with their shape, along with the fact that they offer amazing panoramic views and add charm to exterior walls. A bow window can add a lot of style to a structure from the inside and the outside.

How are Bow Windows Installed?

What makes bow windows stand out in the wide range of design options available for windows is also making them a bit more difficult to build and install. Bay & bow window installation is best handled by professionals.

As any bow window installation company can tell you, you need someone with skills and experience to handle that beautiful curve of bow windows and install this style of window. Several elements have to come together just right to create that elegant arch while simultaneously sealing perfectly to keep the elements out of your home.

An improper installation of bow windows can damage the windows and allow air leakage, eventually leading to high energy bills. Chicago Window Guys has been installing this window type for decades, and our team of professionals will get it right the first time so you can enjoy expansive views and additional light into your living space.

Contact Mr Window for Bow Window Installation

If you’re considering a Bow window replacement project for your home, look no further than Mr Window. Our team of experienced window contractors and installers is dedicated to providing top-notch service. We understand the unique needs of homeowners in the Hales Corners and Milwaukee  area and are committed to enhancing your home’s beauty and functionality.

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Windows, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Window Replacement, roofing, Gutters